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Swing type lining rubber check valve H44J

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Anhui Fu day valve swing type lining rubber check valve is an automatic valve, the main role is to prevent the media back, pump and drive motor reverse, as well as the release of the container medium. The check valve may also be used to provide a supply of the auxiliary system to which the pressure may rise above the system pressure.
Swing rubber lining stop return valve is in the shape of a disc, the valve seat around the channel axis for rotation, because the valve channel into a streamlined, flow resistance than check lift back valve used in low flow rate and flow does not often changes in large caliber occasions, but not for the pulsating flow, the sealing performance is less than lift. Swing check valve sub unicuspid type, double valve type, and most of type three, three by the valve diameter to form the main points to in order to prevent the media to stop the flow, or reflux, the weakening of the hydraulic shock.
Rotary type lining rubber check valve material:
Upper body, lower body: cast iron, nodular cast iron
Liner: Rubber
Valve disc: carbon steel coated rubber

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